Resolution of Legal Issues at a much lower cost.

Welcome to The Legal Network, The Walnut Plaza's client-centered innovation. We deliver specialized expertise for most legal needs in a very pragmatic and cost-effective manner.

    Over the past 30 years we've developed and refined a business model that dramatically reduces the overhead related to the traditional method of providing legal services and allows even solo practitioners to offer the breadth of specialized expertise historically available only at major law firms.

    The Legal Network offers a lower fee structure for your clients without compromising quality.

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What is The Legal Network?

    Our model efficiently provides clients with select and specialized counsel who work on their particular problems without the costly layers of unnecessary legal attention.

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    Today's Legal Landscape

    The downturn of the last several years has been nothing less than an earthquake for the legal profession. The result has been a massive and unprecedented transformation of the legal landscape with firms big and small disappearing and seasoned partners being forced out of their firms.

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    30 Years of Success

    The vast majority of the work done is by a specially selected attorney of the network. The result is a lower fee structure for our clients without compromising quality. Our members include some outstanding lawyers who have become solos during the market realignment. Now you can hand pick your team on a matter-by-matter basis.

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    A New Opportunity

    The founders of The Legal Network quickly realized this dislocation in the market provided an opportunity to expand and add new business partners. Instead of replicating the old, bloated dinosaur law firm loaded down with excessive legal and non- legal staff our “contract-partnering” business model utilizes individual lawyers that are selected to work together on a case by case basis.

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    Contract Counsel

    This option has recently become essential to the delivery of legal services. Clients have demanded that the legal community add contract counsel to their “team” and not mark up the actual fees paid. The resulting savings to the clients have been as much as the difference between $500 an hour charged for a first-year associate in New York and $30 an hour for contract counsel.

    Here are a few potential structures for the legal team and the client. The Primary Attorney (PA) is the rainmaker & has the relationship with the client.

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    Traditional Service

    The PA's firm handles all contact with the client and does all work on the case. The PA is responsible for staffing the case, controlling the costs and getting a good result. In short, the PA "owns" both the client and the problem.

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    Pure Referral

    The PA makes a referral of the matter to another attorney with little or no further involvement in the matter.

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    Association with Co-Responsibility

    The PA teams up with other counsel to handle the matter. Both firms assume joint ownership/responsibility for the matter. Each firm bills its own time and keeps all fees it bills. All billing and client communication can be through the PA.

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    PA with Exclusive Team Responsibility:

    The PA selects the lawyers to staff the matter from the network's law firms and contract counsel. The PA retains responsibility for the oversight, management, quality of work and billing on the matter. The PA handles all communications with the client and bills all of the work of "The Team" through his firm.

    Members of The Legal Network agree… our overhead is thin, our contract lawyers are first-rate and our clients are quite satisfied.

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    Our Philosophy in Motion

    Recently a Walnut Plaza tenant took on a case where they would normally have taken a pass. The traditional firm “estimate” of fees was $750,000. Our team was able to produce a $10,000,000 judgment for the client with fees of $135,000. Even better, all counsel billed at their full hourly rates.

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    Client Savings

    We've seen the use of "Contract Counsel" lead to a client saving as much as the difference between $500 an hour charged for a first-year associate in New York and $30 an hour for contract counsel.

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    A Few Advantages to The Primary Attorney

    - Each member of the team bears its own overhead and fringe benefits.
    - More profit is made on each matter.
    - Long term commitments for personnel and office space are eliminated.
    - Capital requirements are reduced dramatically.
    - Management time and responsibilities are greatly reduced.
    - A broad range of legal services can be provided for the existing and hopefully bigger client base.

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    A Few Advantages to the Network Team

    - More work and billable time.
    - Less expense and time related to business development.
    - Less management and capital requirements.
    - More focus on legal work.
    - Management time and responsibilities are greatly reduced.
    - More profits.

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    Mediation & Conference Center

    Introducing… your very own, conveniently located independent Mediation Center. A comprehensive fully staffed and equipped mediation facility.
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    Tenant Networking

    Our business environment promotes collaboration among our tenants on business projects. Joint projects with tenants evolve naturally from your occupancy at The Walnut Plaza
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    Virtual Office

    All the power of a big firm without all the overhead. With a telephone, mailbox, 32 hours of floating time and our helpful staff, it's simply the best alternative to having a full time office.
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    We're here for you… from our business center manager to our hospitality team, we'll answer your calls, greet your clients and provide a professional image for your business.

A Word From Our Team

  • I think we’re onto something with our business model. I see my practice, using The Walnut Plaza Legal Network’s contract attorneys, continuing to grow as more and more businesses get fed up with overpaying for legal services.

    As a result, I’ll never be the head of a big, traditional law firm, but my clients will know that they got personal attention and value.- Frank Cardenas, Esq.

    The Legal Network Co-Founder

  • We've assembled a stable of skilled attorneys who are available to our tenants and the business community.